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Deven Jenkins


Deven is a Stretch Therapist with over nine years of experience holding a Bachelor of Science in Sociology and a minor in Kinesiology. His dedication to health and fitness began at an early age through basketball. Playing throughout his school years. Deven went on to play in college until deciding to join the Army. He worked as a Combat Engineer serving eight years with two deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. While serving, Deven decided to pursue his passion of helping others through exercise and therapy. He became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, also offering Stretch Therapy for athletes ranging from youth to professional.

After a motorcycle accident left Deven in a wheelchair for several months, his enthusiasm for helping people understand the benefits of flexibility and strength only intensified. He spent most of his time studying various techniques to not only benefit his own recovery but to help others move and feel better as well.

Becoming a NASM Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist, Deven can take his clients through a systematic process of identifying problems and implementing solutions to solve them. Deven’s overall goal is to use his talent, knowledge and experience to aid people in having a better quality of life. Seeing the damaging effects of not taking care of one’s self has had on those around him, he wants people to not wait until they are injured to start taking better care of their bodies, prevention over rehabilitation. Deven wants to see people feel good to not only enjoy their own quality of life but to enjoy their friends and family members’ quality of life too.

In his free time, Deven enjoys activities that keep his body moving: hiking, shooting, weightlifting, basketball, traveling and chasing around his two-year-old son, Parker. While staying active is important, he also knows the value of rest for the body and is a big foodie who enjoys a good movie night.