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Dr. Andrew Potter


Dr. Potter is a highly qualified doctor who holds a degree from Life University as a skilled chiropractor. He has dedicated his future to serving others by providing the best care possible to all patients from every walk of life.


Dr. Potter is no stranger to the concept of the need for physical medicine. His interest in the healing power of the body began when he was the captain of both the basketball and baseball team at his high school in South Florida. Andrew saw the need for preventative as well as post injury medical care as an athlete and during training camp in both sports for 4 years at the University of Miami. Dr. Potter’s abilities allowed him an amazing opportunity to work on the elite athletes of the NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, and PGA since 2009.


Dr. Potter is passionate about the Synergy Release Technique (SRT) and its powerful ability to heal the human body. Having seen and practiced many other techniques, the SRT is unparalleled and by far the best at treating biochemical dysfunctions. Everyone from newborns to the weekend warrior to the professional athlete can benefit from being treated with the healing power of SRT. It is my goal to educate and give everyone the opportunity to benefit and experience the amazing potential of SRT.


On a personal note, Dr. Potter is also a US Coast Guard Certified Merchant Marine Officer who worked as an airboat captain in Southwest Florida during his college years. He enjoys boating, fishing, hunting, and any type of water sports. In his off-time, he volunteers at Browns Bridge Community Church where he has been a high school small group leader since 2010. Dr. Potter enjoys time with family and friends. It is his privilege to use his diverse background, strong work ethic, and sincere concern for others to actively assist those in need of chiropractic care with the healing power of Synergy Release Technique.

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