Dr. Lewis Smith well known as “Mac Smith” grew up here in Forsyth County. He attended South Forsyth High school graduating in 1998 with a scholarship to play college football. While playing collegiate football he suffered a back injury and quickly tried to find ways to recover. After visiting many different doctors with no results he was finally convinced to visit a chiropractor. After just one visit with his Chiropractor, he was able to play the next day with no pain. It was a life changing experience for Dr. Mac Smith. It was at that point that he decided he wanted to help people the same way he was helped.

Being determined to help people he then attended Life University which has no equal in the quality of education and training in the chiropractic field. Graduating with a Doctor in Chiropractic in 2009 he then decided to work in a Roswell office for the next three years where he was able to begin his journey in helping others achieve their goals by getting them pain free. Then in 2013 Dr. Smith learned a new technique that has been successful in helping every day injuries to fixing over 600 professional athletes. His mission is to have a positive impact in service to this community and to empower people to be the best they can possibly be.