Our mission is to help patients live a healthy, happy, balanced life. We offer a variety of therapeutic interventions designed to enhance wellbeing, treat muscular dysfunction, relieve pain, promote healing and prevent injury.

Advanced Muscle Integration Technique (AMIT) is one of the many holistic solutions offered at Alliance Sports Medicine in Alpharetta. AMIT treatment is a revolutionary protocol that identifies and attends to muscles and joints operating improperly. The goal of AMIT is to restore optimal function by treating muscular imbalances via rehabilitative manipulation.  By addressing the root cause of injury and pain, AMIT treatment isolates and heals instabilities within the musculoskeletal system.

What is advanced muscle integration technique?

This innovative analysis technique involves assessing individual muscles in the body to identify problematic or injury-causing dysfunctions. AMIT can be a life-changing treatment for active individuals who wish to maximize their peak athletic performance, prevent potential injuries, or quickly rehabilitate a current injury.

When a muscle is overloaded beyond its capacity, two things can happen. Either the muscle fibers will tear, resulting in a sprain/ strain, or the body will deactivate (or shut down) the muscle. When a muscle is deactivated, the body will create pain in the area during physical activity to avoid further muscle damage. It’s common for other muscles in the area to take on an additional workload when one muscle is deactivated. However, once these muscles become overloaded, additional stress can take a toll on the ligaments, joints, and connective tissues. This may lead to more serious injury.

The doctors can predict injuries by examining and identifying instabilities in the body, which in most cases lead to injury. The new advanced therapies utilized in AMIT procedures allow for rapid corrections of instabilities resulting in improved function, removal of pain and an overall new level of performance. The developers of the AMIT system discovered the primary cause of chronic joint pain and muscle pain is due to inhibited muscles due to overuse or injury. Although the pain of the injury goes away over time, the functional imbalance remains and in turn these functional imbalances eventually lead to chronic pain. By defining these imbalances and correcting them using the AMIT therapies, healing and rehabilitation can take place rapidly without the need for drugs or surgery.

A.M.I.T Therapy Alpharetta Ga

Every individual is different, with varying health goals and challenges. Fortunately, Advanced Muscle Integration Technique is an innovative method that is uniquely able to restore balance, significantly decrease or eliminate pain, prevent injury, activate optimal muscle function and improve athletic performance.

Our Alpharetta based office is home to exceptionally qualified and experienced practitioners versed in Advanced Muscle Integration Technique. AMIT is a powerful solution that addresses a multitude of issues in combination with, or in lieu of, chiropractic adjustment. Whether you’re dealing with a full-blown injury, muscle strain, stiffness or pain, AMIT treatment can help place you back on the path of wellness.




AMIT is a comprehensive system of evaluating the biomechanics of each neuromuscular system to ensure they are all working in harmony. Through these techniques doctors are able to better analyze your body and understand its problem areas.

Peak Performance

AMIT can be a life-changing treatment for active individuals who wish to maximize their peak athletic performance, prevent potential injuries, or quickly rehabilitate a current injury.

Feel Stronger

AMIT over time treats painful conditions that affect the body. It restores function and structural balance throughout the body for both prevention and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal dysfunctions.