What is a hydromassage bed?

The Hydrotherapy Bed is a water bed with seven jets massaging your back at 105 degrees. It helps relax muscle spasms and to relieve stress. Whether you are needing relief from pain or relief from stress, the Hydrotherapy Bed is a favorite amongst all our patients..

Hydrotherapy is a form of holistic healing that offers a variety of benefits, used to address multiple concerns. Hydrotherapy, by definition, refers to the use of water in the treatment of injury, stress, disease, or pain. Classified as a naturopathic treatment, Hydrotherapy is widely used within the world of natural medicine. By utilizing water, at a variety of temperatures, positive effects are produced within various systems of the body.

HydroMassage beds harness the power of Hydrotherapy for health promotion utilizing water at various temperatures, pressure, duration, and site. Though water has historically been used around the globe to produce therapeutic effects on different parts of the body, the temperature and pressure used within Hydrotherapy beds is unique. This system is specifically effective for boosting health, wellness and relaxation.

Hydro bed benefits include stress reduction, as well as improvement in pain, depression, fatigue and muscle spasms. In a short amount of time, HydroMassage beds can illicit enhanced feelings of well-being and a decreased state on anxiety. At Alliance Sports Medicine, our hydro therapy beds provide an entirely customized full-body massage utilizing heated, pressurized water that is adjusted to our patients’ preference.

How Do Hydrotherapy Beds Work?

If you’ve been looking for an alternative to traditional massage, HydroMassage beds, are an excellent option. This dry form of Hydrotherapy combines the advantages of massage with advanced water technology, for optimal health and wellness. The HydroMassage water system is housed directly inside of the bed itself. The water contained inside the unit is recycled and remains entirely sealed. This design allows the user to stay dry throughout the entire session, as seven jets massage the back. The traveling massage system sends water heated to 105 degrees Fahrenheit through the jets positioned within the bed. This function provides the user with complete control via a touch-screen interface regarding the duration the bed targets a particular area of the body. The pressurized water can be used to focus treatment on up to 60 different areas of the body, ensuring a truly personalized experience. Pre-programmed settings are also an option once patients determine their desired calibration during treatment.

The open design of the Hydrotherapy beds at Alliance Sports Medicine allow patients to lie down horizontally, producing a calm, relaxing experience. This treatment offers the convenience of remaining fully clothed while the traveling jet system directs water flow, pressure and temperature. The beds can easily be customized to place pressure exactly where it is needed most. The massage is felt on all sides of the body and begins delivering relief almost immediately. Our HydroMassage beds combine the restorative benefits of massage with the soothing properties of water and heat. You won’t need to book appointments months in advance with a massage therapist, or block out several hours in your schedule to enjoy this service.

Hydromassage Bed Alpharetta Ga

Hydrotherapy Bed Benefits in Alpharetta Ga

HydroMassage beds offer the immense benefits a massage can produce, without the inconvenience of having to get undressed. This efficient approach provides an entirely hands-free experience, so users can focus on relaxation. Hydrotherapy is an effective way to wind down from the stress of modern-day living. Quieting the mind and body through Hydrotherapy can help reduce anxiety and depression symptoms.

Promoting Circulation

Beyond providing a calming experience, HydroMassage is often used to promote a feeling of general well-being. However, Hydrotherapy treatments are also used to relieve tension, soreness or stiffness. Circulation increases throughout the body alleviating aches and pains, while fostering a sense of vitality. In fact, HydroMassage can assist with treatment of a number of muscle and circulatory disorders, providing pain relief and enhancing mobility.


Hydrotherapy is more affordable than traditional hands-on massage, allowing patients a restorative treatment at a fraction of the cost. Athletes have relied on Hydrotherapy for years to enhance performance and accelerate recovery. Similarly, the treatment can be helpful following a grueling workout session, running race or other amateur athletic event. Recovery is essential in aiding the body in healing following intense training. HydroMassage beds are an efficient method for addressing muscle soreness and to speed up the recovery process. The treatment is especially effective at reducing muscle pain and diminishing whole body fatigue. This allows patients to experience quicker recovery and decrease their likelihood of muscle strain or injury.

Preliminary studies have indicated that Hydrotherapy may even improve fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. Positive outcomes for pain management and improved health status have been reported. There is strong evidence that supports HydroMassage as a way to promote general health improvement and decrease pain, stiffness and fatigue for individuals suffering from health related ailments. The water pressure and warmth are thought to contribute to a reduction in swelling, easing painful joints and aiding in muscle relaxation. Physical function and mobility are enhanced for many patients, with positive effects on various systems within the body.

Not For Everyone

While hydro massage can greatly assist in pain management, improve mood and relaxation, increase circulation and provide post-exercise relief, it is not recommended for everyone. If you are pregnant, have hypertension or a bleeding disorder, it may not be advisable. Be sure to discuss hydro therapy with a medical professional before beginning treatment.

Multiple Ailments

Massage is an ancient form of healing that provides numerous benefits ranging from pain reduction, relief from stress and anxiety, and improved circulation.

Pain Free Treatment

All that is required for treatment is for your to be present and able to rest, lying down, on the Hydrotherapy Bed. The treatment is very peaceful.

We Are Here To Help!

Alliance Sports Medicine is pleased to offer HydroMassage, as an innovative approach to wellness. The targeted system featured in our Hydrotherapy beds is designed with convenience and comfort in mind. Whether you’re seeking a solution to stress, pain, fatigue or soreness, HydroMassage is likely to provide the relief and relaxation you crave.

Reach out today to learn more about our HydroMassage beds, chiropractic, physical therapy, and other sports medicine services. We look forward to assisting you on your health and wellness journey schedule an appointment today!