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Physical Therapy

Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy encompasses a multitude of skills that our therapists have received advanced training for. Manual therapy includes spinal mobilization and manipulation, joint mobilization, myofascial release, and muscle energy technique. Manual therapy is most successful in an unhurried, one on one environment, and by an experienced practitioner.

Functional Dry Needling

Functional dry needling is utilized by our physical therapist of myofascial pain and trigger point release. Extensive training is required in the state of Georgia to perform this technique. While an acupuncture needle is used to gain access to the muscle, functional dry needling is not acupuncture and is not based on eastern medicine.

Exercise Performance

Our Physical Therapists have over 20 years experience as your exercise experts. Whether you are just entering into a fitness program or a triathlete looking to improve performance, our trained eyes will guide you through a logical and effective exercise program that is evidence based.

Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Our physical therapists are highly specialized to treat orthopedic and sports medicine problems. You will have access to our board certified orthopedic specialist (OCS) as you progress through yo8ur recovery. We work with Atlanta’s finest sports medicine and orthopedic physicians to deliver excellent coordinated care.


Redcord is a suspension system that is used to offload painful and dysfunctional areas of your body so that you can successfully perform and exercise a joint(s) that may otherwise be impossible without compensation. Neurac is the physical therapy version of Redcord which requires advanced training.

Spine and Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

Our physical therapists are leaders in their field for the treatment of sacroiliac joint dysfunction and have co-authored both books and articles on the condition. We regularly teach courses to other physical therapists on our treatment method. We have successfully rehabilitated patients from around the world with SIJD.

Blood Flow Restriction Training

Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFR), is a safe and effective training technique used to increase muscular size and strength using a FDA-approved tourniquet system. Weight training with BFR can recreate the stimulus of heavy resistance training except very low weight is used during the exercise. Growth in the muscle tissue can occur in as little as two weeks. BFR is great for post-surgical patients who have not been able to regain muscle strength with conventional physical therapy or athletes looking to increase power and strength.



Improved Healing 

Research has demonstrated that PEMF healed bones faster, helped regenerate parts of the liver that had been removed, reduced pain from arthritis and more.

Pain Free Treatment

PEM Therapy is prescribed and performed under medical supervision. The treatment is pain free requiring you to only lay or stand while the tooling is placed directly to the afflicted area. Like all of our therapies, PEMF therapy is extremely safe. 

Help Healing Bones

By accelerating the healing and growth process for acute non-union fractures PEMF Therapy assists with the healing of these types of fractures.

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