Orthotics are prescribed when there is a forefoot dysfunction. Orthotics help alignment by stabilizing the ankles, knees, and hips in their proper position. Orthotics enable the muscles, legs and tendons to function as a balanced unit.

How does this treatment work

It is important for your feet to be properly assessed before getting custom orthotics so your Alliance doctor will work with you to get a proper assessment.

Orthotics will have the largest impact if your feet are experiencing pain or any type of problem. Even if you don’t have any particular medical condition, injury or deformity, you can still use custom orthotics to prevent future problems.

Orthotic insert to correct forefoot function



Multiple Ailments

Orthotics can be a great first step into determining what is causing body dysfunction. Orthotics alleviate pain, improves balance, supports the arch and heel, maintains alignment of legs and hips, reduces lower back pain.

Pain Free Treatment

Getting fitted for a pair of custom orthotics is a painless process. After your orthotics assessment is complete the doctor will take a number of precise measurements of your foot and then work to create a custom orthotic just for you.

Preventative Care

Orthotics can be used as preventative care. Preventing bunions, calluses, clawed digits, corns, and ulcerations by offloading pressure from areas at risk. They also allow you to stand, walk, or remain active for longer durations.