Commonly known as “Dr. Z”, Dr. Michael Zoeller has over 20 years experience of being a chiropractor and sports injury specialist. His personal comprehension of sports injuries came in part from his years of playing football, basketball, baseball and lacrosse. Before he was “Dr. Z”, Mike played football as a outside linebacker in college. Dr. Zoeller holds a Bachelor’s of science from Connecticut State University and graduated from Life University with a Doctorate of Chiropractic. His post graduate study included physical therapy at Kennesaw State University, as well as a three-year radiology internship with Dr. Robert Schlampp. In addition, Dr. Zoeller has taught radiology seminars to chiropractors all over the US and Canada.
Dr. Zoeller has traveled as an injury consultant for several NFL teams and players. But his true passion is working with the young men and women of the community, helping them to achieve their goals in all aspects of life from physically to personally and spiritually. He also has created the Z Training System which mentors and motivates young professionals from every type of business, especially young chiropractors.
After Dr. Z graduated from chiropractic school, he studied under many chiropractors and rehab professionals looking for a system that would fix people the fastest and most efficiently. He then combined all the techniques he learned in school and from his many mentors to create the system he uses today. It’s a combination and mixture of many techniques. In August of 2005, Dr. Zoeller teamed up with some of the best chiropractors and rehab professionals in Atlanta, GA and together they treat people from all walks of life. This unique approach helps both athletes and non-athletes do what they love, free of pain and at an optimum level.

Dr. Zoeller has over 17 years of specialized practice working with patients in sports medicine and rehab therapy. As an active director and owner of Alliance Sports Medicine located in Alpharetta, Dr. Zoeller’s interdisciplinary practices enable him to provide excellent care to all of his patients. Dr. Zoeller runs his practice by using core values: never late, work hard (give it everything you have), clean and organized, never settle, take responsibility-no excuses, service everyday. In his free time he enjoys weightlifting, boating, spending time with his wife Erica, two daughters Alyssa and Taylor, and playing with his Doberman, Samson.