Mansfield University – B.A. BiologyLife University – Doctor of Chiropractic Dr. Cohl is a Chiropractor, Professional Applied Kinesiologist, Certified Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, and a Certified Functional Medicine Doctor who has been practicing for over 18 years. He combines his varied techniques and expertise in conjunction with lab testing and food sensitivity testing to quickly narrow down the core issue causing his patients symptoms. Dr. Cohl’s journey started out with his own issues dealing with chronic fatigue syndrome. While going to chiropractic school, he had to drop out due to his continual fatigue and exhaustion. This eventually led into a state of depression because he was unable to continue his studies. He sought out treatment from different professionals for over three years, but was unfortunately unable to get any better. He then heard about a doctor that used a technique call Applied Kinesiology.

The doctor began to explain that in order to truly heal yourself, you need to treat your body as one whole piece, rather than individual pieces. He went on to explain that if you keep chasing symptoms you’ll never get well. You have to go after the root cause of your issues if you want to truly be free of your chronic fatigue. He used an analogy of a dandelion saying that if you cut the weed off at the top, all it’s going to do is grow back. He said that if we look at the root cause of your fatigue, you’ll be surprised to see it will be a combination of physical, chemical, and emotional/mental issues. Once he started following this doctor’s protocol, he was amazed by in such a short amount of time he went from feeling chronically fatigued to having an incredible amount of energy. He also noticed that his depression lifted, and his entire outlook changed. He was blown away by the results. Due to his positive change in health, he was able to continue his studies to get his degree as a doctor of chiropractic. He also went on to receive many certifications including his current area of study in Clinical Nutrition. Helping people regain their health has been incredibly rewarding to Dr. Cohl, but helping people regain their lives has been the most satisfying to him.