Josh first attended Georgia College and State University and received both a Bachelors in Exercise Science and Masters in Kinesiology. During his time in school, he became more and more passionate about learning what the human body is capable of and continued to learn more about movement. He was able to apply his knowledge through personal training, but felt that there was something still missing for human movement to thrive. Josh then followed his passion towards massage therapies and its many ways of healing the body so that movement could be restored and flourish. Josh then completed massage therapy school at Georgia Massage School in Suwannee, GA and feels absolutely privileged to have learned from the best teachers in the nation.

Josh’s true passion lies in his unquenchable thirst for knowledge and believes that mastery of a topic is never reached but constantly sought after. Since Josh’s appetite for movement sciences is never satisfied, his primary focus during each session is to figure out the “Why?” for each problem and complaint. Josh’s main goal is to discover what exactly is going on and to put the patient on the fastest road to recovery.

After spending some time in Washington as a newlywed, Josh and his wife recently moved back and currently live in the Cumming area. They could not be happier being back with friends and family. He feels truly blessed to be working with such a great team that believes in the same philosophies and encourages him to grow every day.