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Laura Berry


Laura’s interest in massage started many years ago when she was in intense pain. After many years of doctors failing to produce a reduction in pain, she found that incorporating massage therapy actually helped her body heal faster. She’s been hooked ever since and want’s others to have a similar experience. Her skills as a therapist have grown immensely from working with the doctors and staff. The methods and processes used are very successful and unlike any she has worked with before. She enjoys working with a team of professionals establishing a therapy program for each client that enables each client to receive the concentrated attention that they need. This team approach is far more successful than could be done working alone.


She truly believes in the healing power and other numerous benefits of massage therapy, so she is able to use this to maximize the benefits of massage for her clients. In 2013, she became certified in Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) so that she would have another tool to heal the body faster. She is well versed in massage, FSM, and Class IV Therapeutic Laser Therapy. 

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