Hi I’m Lindsey I am really excited to join the Alliance team. My love for body work and the human body itself started in college. I attended Appalachian State University and studied Cell and Molecular Biology. Through my studies I fell in love with how strong and amazing the human body really is on a micro and macro level. After college I worked in an immunotherapy lab as a quality control analyst for an immunotherapy treatment for prostate cancer. I liked the work but missed working with actual people.

I became a personal trainer and worked for 5 years at Burn Bootcamp doing everything from operations to becoming the lead trainer. I found that many of the members I had the privilege of training were able to come off of medications and improved their emotional state.
The idea of massage therapy was brought to me by a friend and I decided to take the leap and enroll at the Georgia Massage School where I found my passion. I have always loved helping people and found that through fitness training and bodywork like massage I can accomplish that, along with alleviating pain, helping with stress management, and helping the healing process with certain injuries.
My goal is to help as many people as I can through my work and in my life. I love to serve people and help them heal and learn to live a healthy sustainable lifestyle.
As a soon to be mother of 2 longevity and health is so important to me. My hope is to help and serve people I come across professionally and personally in any way I can and leave a positive imprint.
One of my favorite massage techniques is orthopedic massage. It is incredibly beneficial when it comes to injury rehabilitation, and range of motion, as well as pain relief. I love prenatal massage, and will happily help mamas to be with everything I can pre and post partum ­čÖé