Maddy has been a licensed massage therapist since 2005, where he graduated from High Tech Institute with an A.S. in Massage Therapy. As a LMT of 14 years, he has developed his own unique style of addressing the fascia directly, through merging his knowledge of active release therapy, meridian theory, reflexology, and physiotherapy.

Over a 10 year span, he has found fascia restrictions to be the facilitators of our aches and pains created by sedentary injuries; how we sleep, how we sit, and how we stand for extended periods of time. In 2005, Maddy trained under the late Adrian Carr, co founder of Rising Spirit school of massage, beginning his introduction into sports medicine and kinesiology.

In 2006, Maddy began extensive training under Ko Tan in the techniques of Tai Chi, Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Meridian Theory, and Reflexology.

In 2009, Maddy began his journey into the world of physiotherapy when he began training under Ira Wikel and Pat Barnes in direct fascia engagement techniques, and learning the many intricacies of our fascia.