After earning his Bachelor’s Degree, Nicholas found that his desire to positively affect and manipulate the human body continued to grow. While at the University of North Georgia, he studied Kinesiology with a concentration in Health and Fitness, where his passion for fitness was sparked. Soon after graduating in 2021, he desired to expand his knowledge and began studying for his personal training certification. Within 6 months, he completed his certification and dove right into the fitness world at the beginning of 2022! Being a source of motivation for clients, Nicholas realized he wanted to affect the body in a greater and more natural healing approach. After shadowing several Massage Therapists, he found that this was the most effective way he could have the greatest influence on peoples lives. In December of 2022, he graduated from Georgia Massage School where he found his true passion to naturally heal the body through the work of massage.


Not only does Nicholas care for the overall health of the human body, but also his aspiration to affect people’s ability to perform daily activities so that they may lead a beautiful life. One of his favorite resources of massage is the use of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) – which impacts range of motion of joints and overall ability of muscles to contract. As a Trainer, he is committed to not only promoting muscular relaxation, but to stimulate an overall increase in muscular rehabilitation.


In Nicholas’ free time, he loves being outdoors and going on road trips with his closest friends. Visiting National Parks, off-roading, hiking, and camping are some of his other favorite hobbies that are near and dear to him. Taking care of his own physical fitness is extremely important, where he holds himself accountable by staying active at the gym. As one of his hobbies, he continues to expand his knowledge through the work of training clients, by not only helping them with their Fitness goals but also striving to build them up for success.