Stretch Therapy in Alpharetta

A combination of stretching techniques ( PNF, Static Stretching, Dynamic Stretching, Myofascial Release) and a systematic approach, the stretch therapist can elongate the muscle and tissues so it normal relaxed state.

Are you regularly stretching? Do you know how beneficial stretching can be? Here at Alliance Sports Medicine in Alpharetta, GA, we realize the profound impact stretch therapy can have. Assisted stretching has the potential to enhance mobility, improve quality of life, align the physique and prevent injury. Our experienced team of stretch therapy practitioners utilize a variety of hands-on techniques to assist clients in achieving their personal wellness goals.

What is Fascial Stretch Therapy? 

While focus on tight, sore muscles often comes to mind when stretching is involved, there’s a relatively new form of targeted stretching called fascial stretch therapy. This method centers on fascia, which is the connective tissue that connects muscles, organs and other bodily structures to one another.

When you move, whether it’s daily tasks, running, exercising, or simply walking up a flight of stairs, fascia is involved. Movement requires force to travel through fascia to reach the muscles necessary to propel the body forward. Fascia interacts much like a receptor, sending information to the brain. If injury, inflammation or pain is present, range of motion will be compromised and muscle weakness or pain often occurs. One way to achieve optimal movement and mobility is to keep one’s fascia as healthy as possible.

 Fascial stretch therapy focuses on the connective tissue systems within the body. Through manual manipulation, a therapist uses hands-on techniques to stretch fascia. Instead of attention being placed on a single muscle or muscle group, fascial stretch therapy uses multi-directional movements to achieve a complete stretch of the area.

The benefits of fascial stretching include improved flexibility, relaxation, rejuvenation, athletic performance, posture and recovery. If you experience pain or stiffness, fascial stretch therapy can aid you in relieving tension and inflammation. Attention to the deep, adjoined connective tissues has a restorative effect on all body systems, improving functionality and overall health.

Mobility improves when fascia is pliable, allowing for movements to be fluid. An individual may be flexible, but have dense fascia. In this case, traditional stretch therapy won’t address the connective tissue dysfunction. Luckily, fascial stretch therapy can remedy the issue in a pain-free, relaxing manner via hands-on manipulation. Tension is released throughout the entire body, relieving pain, speeding recovery, improving performance and agility.

Corrective Exercises

Corrective exercise is a technique that addresses and fixes movement compensations via movement assessments. The goal is to decrease pain, promote injury prevention, and improve the patients overall quality of movement during workouts, sports performance, and every day life.

Movement Assessments

Are you struggling with particular movements in the gym and can’t figure out why? Or does sitting or standing for prolonged periods of time cause pain? Do certain exercises cause you pain?

A movement assessment can help determine what the root cause of your pain or restriction is by closely examining your posture. In addition, By putting the patient through an acute series of assessments or tests , the movement specialist can determine what muscles are overactive (tight), under-active(weak), or dysfunctional and create a specialized program to correct the issue.

Training Programs

Don’t know what exercises to do at the gym or at home? You have been told to by a doctor or chiropractor to strengthen an area that’s weak, but don’t know exactly how? Your gym routine had become mundane and looking for a change?

Detailed and customized exercise routines to meet the need of every level of fitness.

•Strength training exercises
•Isolation (hypertrophy) training exercises
•Sport Specific exercises
•Olympic weightlifting exercises
•Functional movement exercises
•Powerlifting exercises

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